Management Decision Support

Intended to improve healthcare delivery by enhancing medical decisions with targeted clinical knowledge, patient information, and other key factors

A Robust Medical Decision Support System will drive your Hospital towards:


Key Touch Points of a MDSS:

Pre Billing

Value of Pending Bills

Average Lag/Hold days

Reasons for non-submission

Pending Bills by speciality & payer

Pending Bills by no. of lag days

Claims Submission

Value of submitted claims

Average time for submission & re-submission

Value & volume of re-submissions

Reasons for re-submission

Submission analysis by payer/doctor

Denials & Collections

Value of partial & complete denials

Denials by speciality doctor or procedure

Denial rate by payer with reasons

Value & volume of collections

Days to collect & recover claims

Account Receivables

Top debtors

A/R Days by payers

A/R ageing by payers

A/R ageing by doctors & clinics

Reasons for high A/R days

Sample Reports

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