ANOVA RCM was founded in 2020 , amidst the chaos and confusion caused by Covid – 19, but that did not cloud our vision. Our Mission is to holistically address the clinical, operational, educational and technical aspects of the healthcare industry with Practicality and Quality, to be the reference point for Payor and provider alike , and to help our clients achieve optimization and excellence in all aspects of our collaboration.

Our goals are clear: optimize clinical data and revenue operations. We aim to do that by offering the supporting technology with qualified staff and resources to maximize the facilities revenues.

As the kingdom moves forward with its vision to develop all aspects of life; healthcare takes a  centered role, and we felt responsible, as an entity with means and knowledge, to support this progress. Thus, ANOVA healthcare was founded. Healthcare is going through a transformation, and we aim to be the protagonists of it.

ANOVA is going to be the next leading name in healthcare services, applications, and  training. We are committed to leading the change in the healthcare industry in the kingdom, including the new National Platform for Health and Insurance Exchange Services (NPHIES) and its implementations and training.

ANOVA is one of the first Saudi licensed companies to venture into RCM services and technology , and through careful acquisitions and hand – picked professionals we have firmly established ourselves as the Quality reference in the Industry. The components of our operations and parents have been carefully and strategically selected to complement and support each other as they all operate in one ecosystem, Service is coupled with Technology and supported by education, consultations and Quality, and integrated with financial services.



To deliver seamless practice to each step of the revenue cycle simultaneously whilst saving the integrity of all processes in a flexible manner and best practice models that maximize profit and  minimize all sorts of shortfalls.



To support healthcare providers by establishing a professional rcm structure and offer guidance on how to master revenue cycle operations to the best practice through consultancy, assisted operations and full operations’ solutions & applications aiming to improve reimbursement to the maximum possible percentage and achieve progressively increasing income.

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Hamad Alhuzami

The leading Saudi figure in RCM and healthcare entrepreneurship, He started his first RCM company in UAE in 2012 , helped set up and acquire many regional and local companies in the sector and the industry specifically, also helped set up and support NPHIES via consulting (on behalf of ANOVA) with the Council of Health Insurance CHI and Sehaty.

Originally a biomedical engineer , Hamad has developed a holistic understanding of healthcare in Saudi Arabia very few can rival , that enabled him and ANOVA to have their finger on the pulse and know the right direction to go and the right action to take , positioning ANOVA as the quality Brand in the sector.

A member of the Permanent Insurance Committee in CHI, the Healthcare Committee in the Saudi chamber of commerce in Jeddah, NPHIES Taskforce, and with relations that spread east to west, our President is a rare commodity in a sector fraught with pretenders, but very few contenders.

Hesham Almahmoud

A Saudi entrepreneur who has spent years of experience in process efficiency, liability and transformation management for both public and private sectors, Hesham has strong knowledge on process optimization links across many sectors including tech - healthcare.

Hesham granted a master degree in financial engineering that had added deep knowledge and understanding in business optimization and process efficiency; well as, PMO certification.

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