Assessments, Optimisation & Management

Our evaluation services give you an expert analysis of your practice so you gain insights and understand the corrections we need to make.




Health Informatics





Ensure proper handover and receiving of data is maintained at all times

Compliance with all financial and regulatory requirements

Facilitate information transparency with effective analytical tools

Identify who is involved or has an impact on RCM

Engage everyone to work towards optimization of RCM process

Deploy improvement measures to bridge any gaps


Contracts & Charge Description Masters (CDM)

Upgrading policies, CDM & price lists as per Saudi Billing System

Patient Access (Front End)

Management System for streamlined patient journey from check-in till check-out

Health Information System (HIS)

Digitising all processes and move towards 100% automation

Middle End

Taking care of all checks & validations required during the treatment lifecycle

Health Informatics (HIM)

Standardisation of coding process, documentation , policies & records management.

Back End

Approval for claim, denials & final reconciliation as per the standards set by Nphies.

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