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Clinical Coding Professional

Outpatient and Inpatient Basics
Course Designed For; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Duration: 160 Hours


AAPC was founded in 1988 as a National Trade Association and is currently the leading credentialing authority and training provider for Health Information Management professionals. Know More


The objective of the CCP course is to provide and deliver an efficient and sustainable training program that will give medical coders the specific jobs skills and knowledge requirements necessary to be successful in basic medical coding for both inpatient and outpatient settings with the Saudi Arabia healthcare market. Know More

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Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist(CRCS)

Course Designed For; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Duration: 80 Hours


Today AAPC has over 200,000 members in 43 countries and is recognised by employers, association groups and governments around the world as the gold standard in medical coding and health information management.Know More


The program has been developed specifically around the Saudi Arabia coding and billing standards as specified by each of the key regulatory bodies including the Ministry of Health (MOH), Saudi Health council (SHC), Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SHCS), Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institution (CBAHI) and Council of Corporate Health Insurance (CCHI) and SFDA (Saudi food and drug authority). Know More

Empowering Clinicians to Deliver Safer Care to Every Patient

CLINICAL DOCUMENTATION IMPROVEMENT AUSTRALIA (CDIA) strives to empower clinicians to deliver safer care to every patient. By partnering with hospitals, we create a documentation culture that reflects the clinical truth, ensure hospital funding reflects patient complexity, and enhance the integrity of health care data.

CDIA was born out of a group of doctors and nurses who observed how the quality of clinical documentation was impacting patients from a safety, quality and communication perspective and hospitals from a
reimbursement perspective. Disillusioned with the mantra to “write more”, CDIA sought a better way. CDIA’s eye opening and unique approach has led to partnerships with hospitals right across Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

CCDS - Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist


The CDIA CCDS credential demonstrates that the holder has undertaken formal CDS training, time in the role of a CDS, and a comprehensive assessment process. Achieving the full credential recognises that a CDS possesses prerequisite educational requirements as well as proven, hands-on experience performing the functions of a CDS.

The CDIA CDS credential has been designed to meet the needs of the CDI industry in Australia, and is applicable to a global audience, particularly applicants working in New Zealand and the Middle East, specifically Saudi Arabia. Know More

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